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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


September 1st



Salient Thought for the Day


      Selfishness places a terrible weight on the life.

Lines to Memorize


      Time will pass,

      Nay, time exists not in love.

      Love will melt time and all but One.

      Then the anguish of thy heart

      Will cease in serene contemplation.




       When we are tied by selfishness, the soul suffers. We feel weighted down with life because we have no higher avenues of expression. Self-limitation always defeats a man. Think not of self. There are so many great things to think about. If we can turn our mind and heart to the Divine Mother, She will make our faith stronger and stronger, and give us joy, selflessness and true devotion.



      May the All-loving Spirit of the Universe

      Quicken my soul with new life and a deeper understanding.

      May He surround me with His protecting love,

      That I may be safeguarded against selfishness and all that leads me away from Him.

      May He inspire me with more and more love.

      May He increase my devotion and strengthen my faith.



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