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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


December 22nd



Salient Thought for the Day


      Sometimes we lose our contact with the inner Light, but it is always there shining with gentle glow.

Lines to Memorize


      Perchance the flame of thy life burns dim

      Or flickers in the wind of this world.

      Fear not its extinction.

      Hold fast with all thy faith.

      No power in gale or storm,

      Nay, naught in heaven or earth,

      Can rob thee of thine immortal flame.




      We must let God hold our hand and guide us. He will heal all our wounds and quicken our higher aspirations. He will fill the lamp of our soul with fresh oil. Life is not burdensome if we enter deeply into its spirit. If we keep the light burning, it becomes beautiful. We cannot force our access to the Divine. We gain access to It by a loving heart and a guileless mind. It is deep within that we find our connection with Divinity; and we cannot enter that inner Holy of Holies until we lose our outward habits of mind and cultivate the habit of looking inward.



      May I learn to turn inward for all my help.

      May I never fail to perceive Thy indwelling Presence.

      May my eyes never be blind to its radiance,

      And may I live and act always conscious of that glowing light burning in my soul.




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