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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


October 21st



Salient Thought for the Day


      Your whole nature is built of the thoughts you hold in your mind.

Lines to Memorize


      Therefore, at all times, think of Me and fight (perform actions). Having offered thy mind and intellect to me, thou shalt without doubt come unto Me.





       If you think of holy things, you become holy. If your heart is always filled with love, no hatred can penetrate; nothing can mar your peace and tranquillity. But the law works the other way also. If you are careless and let alien thoughts persist, they will change your nature. Whenever you criticize anyone or find fault with anyone or think evil of anyone, that evil comes to you. By dwelling on a saintly character we become saintly. That picture of saintliness will inspire us, throw light on our path and transform our nature.



      I open my heart, my mind, all the avenues of my soul,

      That I may feel the presence of the Blessed Infinite One.

      May my life be in tune with that great abiding Spirit;

      May my heart sing supplications unto Him;

      May my spirit surrender unto Him with understanding and devotion.


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