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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


March 29th



Salient Thought for the Day


      When we are impatient we throw away our opportunities.

Lines to Memorize


      Far have I travelled,

      Long have I struggled,

      Following the impulse of my restless will.

      Seeking! Seeking! Seeking!

      In quest of happiness I sought through life's mansion. . . .

      But happiness I found not there.

      I found happiness nowhere till my self will was lost in His Will.




      The real sign of the spiritually-minded is their silent, tolerant, patient attitude. They attain their goal because they do not interfere with the higher plan. They move with the higher forces. They are always in harmony with the Divine Will. Anger, impatience, calculation, quarrelling and disputes: this is what we find in the world. Those who have taken up the spiritual life cannot afford to indulge in such things.




      Lord, grant me calmness of spirit and serenity of heart,

      Shield me from the entanglements of my lower nature.

      Help me to seek You with perseverance and unswerving consecration.

      May I never tire in my search after You

      Or turn aside and forget You.




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