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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


August 28th



Salient Thought for the Day


      We must make our contact with the Blissful One.

Lines to Memorize


      Our life, our strength, our joy and peace — all are in Thy hand.

      Give us what Thou wilt.

      Keep from us what Thou wilt not give.

      But this we pray —

      Do Thou never turn Thy face of grace away from us.




       No one can come within the radius of the Divine and not feel the burdens of life drop away. A simple person, full of faith, full of devotion, full of openness of heart, may know a great deal more about God than a philosopher of brilliant intellect. Sometimes it becomes a great advantage to know less. We have not so much to unlearn. We gain contact with God, not through intellectual keenness, but through a sense of consecration, through the feeling that He is the guiding Spirit abiding within us and working through us.



      Beneficent One, surround me with Your tender protection,

      That I may be shielded from all that may cloud my mind or heart.

      Lead me from the realm of affliction and sorrow

      To Your Divine realm of joy and peace.

      Help me at every moment to feel Your nearness

      And may I draw my joy and strength from communion with You.



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