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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


October 10th



Salient Thought for the Day


      A noble soul is always noble in all circumstances.

Lines to Memorize


      When a man is satisfied in the (higher) Self by Self alone and has completely cast out all desires from the mind, then he is said to be of steady wisdom. When he completely withdraws his senses from sense-objects as the tortoise withdraws its limbs, then his wisdom becomes well-established.





       Thoughts are as fragrant as flowers. They sweeten our life. He who is protected by pure spiritual thought is always safe. Whatever we put in the soil of life, we must expect a like fruition, The seed of discord is planted in the human heart; the spirit of inharmony is born there. Also the spirit of harmony and peace and nobility come out from that same heart.



      O Thou All-pervading Deity, help me never to forget that I am a child of Divinity.

      May I speak only what is worthy of a child of God.

      May I think only what is worthy of a child of God.

      May I do only what is worthy of a child of God.

      May my life be wholly one with Thy Universal Life.


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