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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


May 23rd



Salient Thought for the Day


      The one who is humblest, that one is the greatest.


Lines to Memorize


      Tell me, O Thou wondrous Being, why dost Thou choose the lowly hearts?

      Is it to make them bright with Thy footprints?

      Is it to comfort the comfortless Thou comest down so low?




      Some people are made more mellow, more humble, when they have success and glory; others lose their point of view. Ordinary people always assert their own attainments, while people of higher consciousness know that it is God manifesting through their bigger talents and lesser ones, through their success and failure, through their happiness and misery. In all their experiences they try to realize one fact alone — that God’s will is being fulfilled through their lives, through their thought, through their activities.




     Eternal and infinite Being,

      I find my delight in Your vastness and majesty.

      Teach me to be Your true child, humble and pure of heart.

      May the glamour of the world never blind me to Your glory.

      You are the One to be loved and worshipped.

      Reveal to me Your all-abiding Spirit,

      And keep me ever in Your peace.




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