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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


October 25th



Salient Thought for the Day


      When we understand the law of life, it is seldom we take a frowning attitude, towards ourselves, towards others, or towards God.

Lines to Memorize


      Forsaking egoism, power, pride, lust, anger and possession, freed from the notion of "mine" and tranquil: one is thus fit to become one with the Supreme. Becoming one with the Supreme, serene-minded, he neither grieves nor desires; alike to all beings, he attains supreme devotion unto Me.





       The reaction of one who keeps on brooding is gloominess, like a thick cloud. We can never afford to take a discontented or careless attitude. We must keep our mind pure, watchful and open to the higher realm of thought. No aloofness from our fellow-men can insure us connection with the Heart of God. When we perceive that a thing is detrimental, what can we do? Counteract it. In the presence of light, darkness vanishes. In the presence of God, evil falls down.



      May the All-loving Spirit of the Universe free me from all self-interest and self-assertion;

      May I shed abroad love and love alone.

      May love be to me an armour and my only weapon.

      May His life-giving power infill me

      And cleanse me from all arrogance.


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