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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


August 31st



Salient Thought for the Day


      You cannot be cheerful with gladdened heart without dispelling some of the gloom of the world.

Lines to Memorize


      Once in the dark I stood alone aimless but expectant, . . . . .

      But an unlighted lamp appeared; whence, I knew not . . . . .

      Its unkindled flame led me on, forward, ever onward; up or down,

      I knew not, for space was no more. . . . . .

      O Thou mysterious light, He Who sent thee to guide me, I am His forevermore.




       Our thoughts are magnified, our action is made beneficial through the light of cheerfulness. When a man is gloomy, you do not help him by weeping and wailing with him. Bring in the light and that will lift the gloom. Cheerfulness heals and unifies. It stirs new hope in the despondent and discouraged. It is a constructive force. It stimulates to new thought and action.



      Blessed Lord, help me to carry the light of Thy Divine Spirit into the world

      That I may never cast gloom over any heart.

      May Thy holy radiance shine in my face

      And find expression through my words and actions.

      Grant unto me the power to cheer the sad, comfort the distressed and bring       Thy blessing to all lives that touch my life.



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