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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


July 25th



Salient Thought for the Day


      Try to have living spiritual intuition and feel the pulse of others.


Lines to Memorize


      Let the stream of love flow in thy soul, unbarred.
      Hinder it not through fear,
      Nor let petty thoughts block its course.
      Let the stream of love flow on.
      It will wash and clean;
      It will revive and redeem.




       Unless we can do everything through intuitive observation, we will have to be told always what to do and our service will be lacking. There are three types: one serves by intuition, by direct inspiration; another must be told or corrected once only and never forgets. A third type must be told again and again and never remembers. Try to belong to the first type.




      All-loving Deity, grant me a greater understanding,
      That I may serve Your children with true wisdom.
      Fill me with spiritual yearning
      And may I manifest Your divine Spirit in my life and action.
      May Your love infill my heart and make me a worthy instrument in Your hand.


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