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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


March 17th



Salient Thought for the Day


      We never lose anything when we reach out for the larger life.

Lines to Memorize


      The strange and mysterious drama of life, enacted in unspoken words,

      Makes us silent with wonder

      And our mind still with unfathomed thoughts.

      Our soul cries out in mute ecstasy:

      O wonder of wonders!

      O beauty of creation!

      O boundless life!

      I, a part of Thee, and Thou, my origin!




      In the realm of religion, it is not outward splendor or what is dazzling, that heals and redeems, it is holiness and guilelessness. We must learn to live in the world without being swept by its glamour. When our fulfillment depends on the Eternal we grow vast and majestic in our thought and in our life.




      O Supreme Being, give me such holy inspiration

      That at all hours of the day my spirit may be wholly fixed on You.

      May my work, my play and my worship all be dedicated to You.

      May the outer glamour never turn my thought away from You.

      May I never sacrifice Your blessing for the fleeting things of the world.




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