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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


April 29th



Salient Thought for the Day


      When the little rays of light in our mind are focused, our mind becomes like a searchlight and reveals Truth.

Lines to Memorize


      Thine eyes stretched beyond the pale light of mortal world,

      For what vision art thou lost in thought?

      Thy motionless gaze,

      Thy fervent ecstasy,

      Thy illumined face,

      All these unearthly marks. . . .

      Have given me sight for seeking the unseen.




      Our body, mind and heart, instead of working in unison, go in opposite directions; that is why we accomplish so little. When we unite all our faculties, we gain the power of penetration. Unless we possess the power of penetration, we have not fineness of vision to perceive Reality. Knowledge is really image-making. We derive great benefit from this image-making, but it can also make us impractical. There must be action with it. They go together.




      All-compassionate One,

      Bestow upon me the power to show forth Your Truth in my life.

      May I center my mind and heart in You alone.

      Help me to gather up my scattered thoughts

      And turn them on You in whole-hearted aspiration.




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