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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


October 31st



Salient Thought for the Day


      Remember: Humility, Love and Tolerance every hour of the day.

Lines to Memorize


      He who is alike in praise and blame, is silent, content with everything, homeless, steady-minded, such a devoted soul is dear to Me. Those who follow this immortal teaching as declared by Me and who are possessed with faith, regarding Me as the Supreme Goal, such devotees are exceedingly dear to Me.





       When our heart is humble, then we never quarrel or criticize; we only love and love ever breeds tolerance. Without these three we cannot be in harmony. Try to cultivate these three with tireless spirit. When we succeed in keeping our mind in tune, in intuitive rhythm, nothing can thwart us, whatever difficulties may overtake us.



       All-tender Mother, I bring Thee my yearning heart;

       Make it lowly, forgiving and gentle.

       May I feel sympathy with all living things.

       May my whole life be imbued with Thy Divine tenderness,

       And may each hour of this day be filled with loving acts and loving words.


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