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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


September 15th



Salient Thought for the Day


      We have great need of forgetting ourselves, otherwise the world-consciousness will grind into us.

Lines to Memorize


      Great Liberator, deliver us from the bondage of self;

      Cure us from its mad intoxication.

      Thou alone canst draw our hearts away from its hypnotic spell.




       When you find yourself brooding over self, turn your thought elsewhere. How much we need the Divine blessing! How much we need to think on the Ideal! We need to safeguard ourselves. Life never runs with perfect smoothness, so we need to place ourselves under higher protection. The whole spiritual life is based on unselfishness, in being and becoming something other than the little self. Living devotion to an Ideal alone will make us selfless. Contact with a spiritual Ideal always fortifies us and brings us a saving sense of consecration.



      May I transcend all self-limitation, pride and egotism;

      May I be so humble and pure-hearted that the light of Truth will shine steadily

      And shed its radiance through my whole being.

      May my mind be so fixed on God that I shall forget myself utterly.


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