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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


November 28th



Salient Thought for the Day


      An act of surrender is an act of thanksgiving.

Lines to Memorize   


      Bounty of this world only makes my heavy heart heavier.

      Now I pray unto Thee with my naked soul---hiding nothing from Thee---

      That Thou dost show me Thy tender mercy

      And abide with me ever and forever.




      We cannot help but lift our hearts in gratitude to the One who has given us so much. We revolve in His safekeeping, whether we have much or little, in difficult moments or in moments of exuberance. In our dark moments we need most to maintain our association with God. We all have cause to be thankful to that One from whom our life flows, from whom we receive all blessings and inspiration. No man can have fullest measure of happiness until he has related himself with the Source of all. It is the fullest blessing to be able to remain in constant mindfulness of the Creator.



      I lift my heart to the Divine Being in silent supplication.

      May He fill it with thankfulness for all His blessings.

      He is the Guiding Power of my soul.

      May I learn to offer up my life to Him without reserve.

      He is my shelter and unfailing protection.

      May I look to Him for safekeeping and guidance.




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