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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


November 30th



Salient Thought for the Day


      When we gain the consciousness of a spiritual Presence within, a new sense of trust, security and surrender awaken in our heart.

Lines to Memorize   


      Oft I sit by thee when thou dreamest thy fancies and seest me not.

      I do not wake thee from thy slumbering, but only watch thee with my eye of love.

      Sweet child, when thy heart is ripe, thou wilt know there is no waste of time either waiting or watching for love.




      An abiding sense of an inner Presence not only helps us, it enables us to help others. Amidst turmoil and confusion we seek outer remedies but these are never lasting. We must go to the very root of our being and find our connection with the inner Source. Then alone shall we come in contact with That upon which we can lean and in which we can trust.



      O Thou unfailing Source of life and power and love,

      Thou art the one sure Protection in all affliction and trial,

      Thou art my one safe Shelter,

      I take refuge in Thee.

      Draw me close to Thy Divine Heart

      And may I live in constant communion with Thy Holy Spirit.




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