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Daily Thoughts and Prayers


September 30th



Salient Thought for the Day


      If you have enough love in your heart, you can overcome everything.

Lines to Memorize


      Love will conquer all your ills;

      Love will heal your wounds.

      Love will cleanse your stains;

      Love will bring you peace.




       We do our best work when we have least concern for our good fortune or ill fortune. All pain and hardship come from selfishness and lack of love. We create the web of self that binds us. We cannot love without bringing greater love and joy into our own life. Love is always a miracle. It breaks down all barriers. It is not by harshness that we can subdue harshness. It is by manifesting that which will make others feel the gentle, tender Power abiding in our heart.



      O Lord, Thy gifts and blessings are distributed to all equally;

      Unlock the door of my heart that I may receive them in fullest measure.

      Flood my whole being with selfless love

      That I may give myself freely in willing service;

      And meet all trials and difficulties with undaunted spirit, because I find my strength in Thee.

      May I love all men for Thy sake,

      And serve them in Thy name.


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